Things About Ear Cleaning You Need to Know

Ear cleaning is a procedure performed to clean dirt that has accumulated in the ear canal and results in hearing loss. In addition to earwax, foreign matter, such as cotton or insects, can also obstruct the ear canal, thus requiring ear cleaning. Under normal conditions, ear wax that is shaped like a thick liquid functions as part of the protection of the ear canal from the entry of foreign matter. However, the dirt can also accumulate and harden so that it disturbs hearing. Ear cleaning can be done by a doctor, or done alone at home. However, to reduce the risk of side effects from ear cleaning, it is best to do ear cleaning by a doctor. Indications for Ear Cleaning Ear cleaning can be requested by the patient if necessary. However, ear cleaning will be recommended by a doctor, if earwax results in conditions, such as: Otitis externa. The difficulty of the doctor examining the ear, like the eardrum. Block the ear canal. Cause complaints in the form of hearing loss, ear beds,
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